According to legend, Finnkirka is an ancient Sami sacrifical grounds. It is also said that fishermen calling upon Kjøllefjord made sacrifices there until as recently as WWII (1940).

Finnkirka has become a popular destination for both visitors and locals, and in recent years it has been the site of concerts, church services, baptisms and weddings. We have to admit to being proud that Finnkirka adorns the label of province of Finnmark's cognac.

The Hurtigruten coastal line presents Finnkirka as Europe's most elegant sea cliff, and the rock formation is illuminated by a seemingly magical light show when the Hurtigruten cruise ships pass by on their nighttime approaches to Kjøllefjord Harbor.

Hotel Nordkyn offers an excellent view of the fjord and Finnkirka, and we're happy to assist with bookings for excursions to the sea cliff.